Absolute Beginners Course on HitFilm Express!

Absolute Beginners Course on HitFilm Express!

Jay Haynes for the Film Sensei YouTube Channel. Do you want to learn how to custom build your
own videos? Maybe you are a small business owner, maybe
you own a YouTube Channel, perhaps you’re a vlogger, maybe you want to use video to
create real social change, or maybe you just have a bunch of home movies you want to play
with. Do you want those videos to look remarkable
and amazing? There is a revolutionary video editor and
compositor called HitFilm Express that will allow you to do just that! HitFilm Express is an incredibly powerful
non-linear editor and VFX compositor that anyone with a computer can download and own,
for FREE! However, like any super awesome tool, the
learning curve for HitFilm can be quite steep. That’s where I come in! I am delighted to announce my new UDEMY master
class, the Absolute Beginner’s Course on HitFilm Express! In this three and one half hour course, I
will walk you through every little tiny detail about the FREE version of HitFilm, HitFilm
Express with no add-ons. This course is broken down into 71 super easy
to watch classes, so you can learn at your own pace. The classes average less than three minutes
a piece… so each one is bite sized, making it very easy to learn. There is a link in the description below! If you want to learn everything there is to
know about making great video, this is the course for you! Don’t forget to use the Coupon Code listed
in the description for your special discount on the already low price! Thank you in advance for your enrollment,
and I look forward to seeing you inside!

2 thoughts to “Absolute Beginners Course on HitFilm Express!”

  1. Congrats on this. It's a superb course that covers a lot of ground in small chunks which makes it manageable to follow.
    I took a lot from it even though I've been using Hitfilm for a few years.

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