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  1. I just purchased the book "C++ Programming for Dummies" and have downloaded code blocks but every time I go to "Build" the program, the Build Log says "HelloWorld – Debug" uses an invalid compiler. Skiping…
    I'm pretty confused right about now and it doesn't say anything about that happening in the book.

  2. @newtele I went to the apple website and created a developer's account (completely free and you don't have to receive annoying e-mails). From there you have the choice between xcode 3.2.6 and xcode 4.0. I downloaded 3.2.6 because it is free, 4.0 might also be free, but I haven't checked. And there you go, just try to "build" your program again and message me if you have any more problems or if this didn't solve your problem.

  3. @gasto5 I honestly have no clue, the Code::Blocks CD came with the book, so I just slipped in the CD and went through the whole install wizard stuff and whatnot until I could finally start programming.

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