5 thoughts to “23. Cache-Oblivious Algorithms: Medians & Matrices”

  1. for anyone wondering why this lecture was uploaded again: the old video was cut at around the 57 minute mark and so was missing over 20 mins of lecture at the very end. this new video includes the previously missing segment.

    how do i know: i keep an archive on my HDD of MIT OCW's courses that i'm interested in ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

  2. Animated Speaking Style Lecture. Bravo. The missing stroke event at … https://youtu.be/CSqbjfCCLrU?t=1h11m14s … was interesting. 3 != B. The class recovery was interesting too. Brain Feedback. Best of Nerddom.

  3. 00:20 theory and a couple of simple algos
    45:30 – 1:01:05 Median finding
    1:01:05 – 1:18:20 Matrix multiplication (simple multiplication algo solution and then optimized)
    1:18:20 LRU block replacement (very shortly)

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