2004 ~ 2019 비트박스 몰아보기 #BeatboxHistory

2004 ~ 2019 비트박스 몰아보기 #BeatboxHistory

Esh! guys This is KBeatbox Guide Today we will look at the history of Beatbox from the past to the present! I will introduce many videos from the old past to 2019 at Global Beatbox S cene. Hope you enjoy the video! Let’s go! The year of this video is based on the YouTube upload date and may not be accurate. If you know the exact year, please leave a comment! It is a time when Beatbox was not well known. The Beginning of Old School beatbox The Legend ‘Rahzel’ Mouth Scratch by Scratch The equipment began to be used. Arczi Faith SFX A lot of individuality has sprung up. Beatboxes have also been introduced to the media. The World Championship was held for the first time. Artist Video by Felix Zenger SkilleR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Wind Technique Sucker Punch?! Billie Jean Beatbox (Joseph) Maestro, Michael Winslow! Legend, Eklips MC Zani You know that guy? BEARDYMAN! The World Championship was held for the second time. Vahtang Reeps One Krnfx Technique! Our boy, Scott Jackson! Amazing Technique, Alem Finally, GBB!! 2011 Champ :SkilleR Minimal House, Babeli Singing Beatbox! Dharni Krnfx & Scott! Legendary Battle, SkilleR vs Reeps One Ball-Zee New Generation of Beatbox Various categories have been created in Battle : Female, Crew Hi. Glasses Krnfx! Move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big boy, BigBen Human Trumpet, Tom Thum Rc-505! Asian Beatboxers have come to prominence. Dharni & Two.H Oh, Napom? Crazy man… Villain From USA! Efaybee Sensation of Beatbox Gene Shinozaki Dubstep Music (Loopstation) 808 Bass from Mouth? BMG & Alem Twenteam’8 I can’t Roll like this… 😀 Napom vs Alexinho OMG, Alem! Reeps One & Dub FX I don’t give a……! Tom Thum Showcase Crazy Bass, B-art!!! Berywam.. Love you! Beautiful guys, Dharni & Reeps One Young Generation, D-low! Finally, Saro! Eminem Medley (Berywam) The Hills (Loopstation Cover) Another Level, Reeps One Vocal Bass, MTS Vibration Bass, Inertia Bigman! Show-Go From Japan! Super Creative, Saro! Mad Twinz! Two.H’s Legendary Routine Super Sense, Alex xD Young Genius, Hiss! Dance Battle With Beatbox Vonox !! Spider Horse! Crazy Quality, MB14 See you there…! Beatbox House Crew (USA) Reeps Despacito Remix (Bigman & Hiss) Napom : Codfish..!! D-low..!! H-has From Korea! K-Pom (2018) Hi, Inkie! Saro is Saro! Berywam is …… Wildcard Monster, Trung Bao Faker of Beatbox, WinG Drum & Bass, Mad Twinz Bigman’s Original : Confused Jumpin (feat. Codfish, Amit, Gene) by Hiss Chill Music by Show-Go Transcend (Gene Shinozaki) Rampage (Hiss & Madox) Insane (VONOX) High! Two Genius, Tom & Gene Wolfgang Bug! (Huckle) I want you (Wing & Hiss) Mad Twinz with Auto Tune Never Give Up! So we are going under.. Insane Dubstep, Tomazacre COLAPS!! Oh.. my … D-low……. SO-SO, Let’s Party Now! Wildcard Monster Again, Trung Bao! Dope, Wawad Amazing Dubstep, Audical!!!! River..Miss You! Zen’Hit … Amazing Tag Team Uniteam! Finale, Reeps One! Did you enjoy it? If you look at the beatbox from the past to the present, you can feel that it has evolved a lot. Thank You for Watching!

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  1. Pre 2000s, links to wiki provided
    Fat Boys years active 1984–1995
    originally members
    -Mark "Prince Markie Dee" Morales,
    -Damon "Kool Rock-Ski" Wimbley and 
    -Darren "Buff Love" Robinson

    "On May 23 1983 Swiss born Promoter neamed Charles Stettler held a contest "Coca-Cola and WBLS present: The Tin Pan Apple After Dark Dance & Rap Contest!" And they were the winners, performed "stick em"

    Doug E. Fresh years active 1984–present
    Originially started with the Get Fresh Crew along MC Ricky D (Slick Rick)

    Rahzel born 1964

    Doug E Fresh and Rahzel still attened the American Beatbox Championship, they show allot of love and support. It's amazing

    Biz Markie born 1964

  2. Watching this video, reminds me when i start beatboxing, i just only self study in youtube no one teach me how to do beatboxing. But you all in youtube taught me. Maximum respect to All guys Godbless💯❤️😇🙏

  3. Thats the kind of video i was looking for!!! Now i can show all my friends why im so hyped of beatbox. And i dont need to describle it by worlds and look for vide examples!.The last 3 year evolution is amazing, i deeplying believe that we should thanks dubstep and skrillex for promoting that type of electrosound and oportunity for all of beatboxers to experiment with new, sometimes weird sound. I still remember napom words that he though that his liproll is a sound that could never been used in a beatbox. 😉

  4. 보컬플레이를 통해서 비트박스를 알게 되었는데 와… 이 정도로 매력적일 줄이야 😍 영상 정말 감사해요 ㅠ

  5. 初めてBeatboxに出会ったのが世界大会2012のskiller対reeps oneでそこからずっとこの世界を見てきたけど本当に熱い

  6. This was very nice… I am tempted to mention beatboxers you kinda forgot but there are so many of them that there will always be more to talk about… great work guys!!! Stay safe!

  7. 이제까지 봐왔던 비트박스들을 총망라한 교과서적인 영상이라 생각됩니다. 보는동안 뭉클해지는듯한 느낌또한 주체 할 수 없었습니다. 더 멀리 퍼져야할 영상이라 생각됩니다

  8. I feel like I’m the last 3 years we evolutionized so much just like how the humans from the 1400s to now even though humans have been around for millions of years

  9. I literally watched this video for many times, these moments is like yesterday. I don't know why but i just want to cry,mabye it makes me remember my childhood. Young but with passion. I hope i can keep doing beatbox and music

  10. 最近ビートボックスにハマって来て、昔のビートボックスとかよく知らなかったし、こんだけまとめて見てて思ったのが韓国人が思ったよりビートボックスの国?だったから驚いた。語彙力皆無だけどw

  11. Best evolution video I've seen. This made me feel nostalgic for a time where I didn't even know what beatboxing was.

  12. 途中からbeatboxが一つの音楽のジャンルになってる、開拓する人は凄いなぁ

  13. such an amazing video!
    thank you very much for this, it's great to re-watch some of these and bring back some old memories!
    splendid work guys, one love! <3

    Wing does kinda look like Faker HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Can't believe you guys did that

  15. I don’t know how. But youtube recommended me Penkyx vs Mando loop battle back in 2017. I was shocked by Penkyxes second round. And that was the moment when I started eshing. I cant beatbox lol but I like watching it. Love you all😁

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