1. How to program in C# – BASICS – Beginner Tutorial

1. How to program in C# – BASICS – Beginner Tutorial

Thanks for tuning in at Brackeys Hello, everyone and [welcome] to the first video in how to program in [C] sharp This course is going to be quite different from what I normally do which is game development tutorials but I’ve been getting a lot [of] requests on making a course that really focuses on the C-Sharp language and this is super awesome, because it will allow us to really give an Introduction to what programming means and reading and writing an understanding code whilst learning a language That can pretty much be used for any kind of software development whether you want to do web development whether you want to develop for PC or Mac or Game development or a mobile app development C-sharp pretty much does it all by now So C-Sharp is super cool and we can really focus on the language and understanding it so what we are going to be doing today as First off what can see shop do we just went through that then we’re going to be talking about console applications What is an IDE we’re going to install the software [we’re] going to be using throughout the [course] and we’re going to create our first project If all of this seems very easy and fundamental [to] you Please just go ahead and skip onto the next video where we will delve into the programming side So first off let me explain What kind of software we are going to be writing in this course? So we’re going to be making what is called console applications? And if you don’t know what this is there’s an image on the screen right now [I] agree with you [that] it does not look very appealing but it’s great for really focusing on the general language because it’s not so specific on Game development tools or mobile app tools or anything it’s it’s a lot of language but not much api so the api stands for application programming Interface, and it’s basically a series of commands that you can use so game development uses some one kind of Api and other software development uses other kinds of Api s So that’s a really simplified very way of looking at it by light. I think it will work for now so an Ide also sounds really frightening? It is really not it stands for integrated development environment, and it’s basically just a software that you [use] to programming so if if you’re in a video Editor you might use premiere pro or sony Vegas and if you’re a programmer you might might use visual studio xcode Or what we are going to be using which is [monodevelop], and it’s even an extended version of monodevelop called Xamarin studio, so when you learn this you can also do app development right after so we’re going to be using mono develop and in an extended version called Xamarin studio [just] so you know. They [are] basically the [same] thing just don’t get them confused You just need to know that they might use [different] naming sometimes so let’s dive [right] into it and Install our first Ide so let’s head over to our browser and let’s open up Monodevelop Com let’s hit download now to download the file But first we have to say select an operating system So if you’re on Mac click that and make sure you first install this package down here which will download the mono framework plus [gtK] what these does is not important for now? But you need them so download them and install them and then right after you can download and install monodevelop itself But we [own] windows, so we’re going to select that and here you will need to first install gtK [for.net] and then the Dotnet framework So download both of them and install them and then right after we can download the installer itself So I’m going to hit download and it will start downloading and you can see now. It’s not cold Mono develop anymore now It’s called Summer in studio. So that’s why I wanted to clear [that] up so when it’s downloaded simply open it and We will run [installer] here. I’m just going to change my directory because I have a secondary hard disk and [sh] I would rather you have it sit on so [exam] [or] in studio Let’s say it okay next and it’s going to install the reason why we hit Yes here the reason why we’re using summer in studio is because it’s cross platform. Which is really awesome [visual] studio is only [four] four windows. It’s made by Microsoft and xcode is only for Mac, and it’s made by apple, and they’re both good takes, but I mean for what we’re going to be doing here Which is console applications samer in studio is going to be more than enough? so hit launch summer in studio and hit finish and It might go ahead and prompt you here to update it often [just] pops up and say hey there’s some updates Do you want to install and simply just hit install and restyle? I think it’s called and and you will be good to go. It’s always great to keep your software updated So we’re going to go ahead and click new Solution and solutions are basically like projects if you think of them in that respect, so let’s hit new solution and We are going to be making a console project in the C-Sharp language, so let’s hit a hit undo C-sharp click on the C-Sharp Category we can also do f sharp or VB net or I’ll do stuff and then hit console project And when you have the selected we are going to do a name so let’s call this first console project and we’re just going to keep the solution name the same as the name and I’m just going to change the location to [be] on the desktop and Let’s hit create directory for solution And let’s hit ok let’s actually do solution name first console project Solution just so we keep them separate because you can have several projects under one solution There it’s not really important for this tutorial, but let’s just name it correctly from the beginning, it’s not good to teach bad habits, so let’s hit ok and It will start creating our project and now this right here is our first C-Sharp program so this here is C-Sharp it might look very frightening and difficult to understand at this very moment But in the next video we are going to go through everything explain it We’re going to write some code ourself, and we’re going to launch our first console program, so that’s going to be really awesome [I] hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am It’s always fun to play around with these console apps, and yeah, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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  2. Monodevelop no longer has a Windows binary available for download. Shame after the work you put into making this tutorial.

  3. Guys check out this video of mine a very fun program of c# for begginers a program that can count anything from a given sentence like vowels, consonants, integers, blank spaces https://youtu.be/Qq0asWtqHXw

  4. I am here from a tiny-tiny linux community.

    Oh, I am so honored someone recognized us, but the installation guide is for PC, which is a bit "not linux" ,please explain me for the love of god why linux is not PC and why there are so few tutors for this small noname.

  5. I'm a developer of a mod menu for games, I make apks and mod menu's. I use LUA and I want to take my advanced LUA and turn it in to advanced C#!

  6. Xamarin studio is gone. Do I choose visual C#? Which do I pick afterwards? Console App? Shared Project? I don't see Console Project.

  7. Are there someone that can help me how to install Monodevelop. I find it extremely difficult to install and cannot find a good guide on how to install Monodevelop in an easy and straight way. The guide on Monodevelops own website I find confusing. Why is there not an install file like any other program you can just double click?

  8. Hello,
    I think that Xamarin Studio don't exist anymore, I've tried to download it and it seemed to be just a package for Visual Studio,
    Can I still follow this course using Visual Studio instead of Xamarin Studio ?
    Thanks 🙂

  9. Video does not talk about the C# language at all. Nothing about it's structure, conventions, usage, etc., or how it compares to any other language.

  10. I'm using Visual Studio 2017 and seems to do the exact same thing, as far as I read it's the same software.
    The tutorial looks great, thanks!

  11. Visual studio is much heavier? for this kind of 20 30 line code. to open visual studio project. Can you upload a video on how to download xamarin studio monoDevelop? or send a direct send link that we download from it. and install directly monoDevelop like all other software.

  12. Hey the installation instructions for Monodevelope are VERY complicated now, as a total beginner it is just about impossible. Please update and include some instruction!

  13. Can someone please recommend me a GOOD BOOK that will help me learn C#.
    PS: I am a total noob/beginner at C#.

  14. Im confused. I went to the site and downloaded these
    (mono- and (gtk-sharp-2.12.45)

    ive installed gtx first and then Mono. But i dont see any Xamarin installed. I also didnt see any Xamarin installation process when i installed Mono.

    Please help

  15. This looks super fun to me I’m a creative guy so I’ve been learning quite a few things from friends that made mods and also because I want to be a GD

  16. downloaded xamarian studio, the shitty program didn't make a shortcut nor did it tell me where it installed so i literally cannot find it on my pc

  17. Learn C# Basics | Every Thing You Need to Start C# Programming:
    Best Article and website ever! www.Howtechyy.com

  18. hey i dont know if ill get an answer here but on a gdc talk from the creator of thumper the guy said that process oriented programming is more efficient or better.
    What is the difference to begin with? and should we learn it or prioritize?

  19. C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Visual Studio2019Enterprise>help

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