070 Shake, hiphop’s latest rising star under Kanye’s wings

070 Shake, hiphop’s latest rising star under Kanye’s wings

You can tell by the music
I’m not trying to follow anybody. I’m inspired by people, but I’m in my own world. Bijna twee jaar geleden maakte
de wereld kennis met 070 Shake. De toen nét twintig jarige zangeres die gefeatured
stond op het album ‘ye’ van Kanye West. Nu is er haar debuutalbum en vanavond
staat ze hier in de Melkweg. Daarvoor mocht ik haar even spreken. During the album process, you were in real hyperfocus.
You really isolated yourself from the rest of the world. What was that like for you?
– It was kind of new for me, but it felt perfect. It didn’t affect me too much, it just felt like
it was what I was supposed to be doing. Being in a routine felt good.
When you’re in a routine, it’s progress. It’s like going to the gym. If you just go once a week
or month, you’re not going to see progress. If you go every single day,
you’re bound to see something happen. What have you learned during your time in Wyoming,
being with all those incredible artists? Good work ethic and discipline.
– Which you’ve applied during your album process. You also have a song that you really love, Divorce.
Is that still one of your favourite songs? Yeah, and Terminal B. ♪Me and you, we were one
That was once, but now we’re two♪ You grow up and everyone says and agrees on
this thing so you think that it’s right. Because the whole world is into it.
But I’m into questioning things like that. That’s what I did with marriage.
I always compare it to having a best friend. You don’t have to sign something to say that
you’re best friends. Love lives within. Without the government getting involved in it.
Being a business. Turning it into some earthly shit. It makes you feel boxed in?
– Yeah. About the song, I’m such a free person. I feel like
I have to experience different things with different people. Even if it’s not physically, it might make
your partner feel insecure. That also expands to more than relationships,
when it comes to freedom. When you were in high school, people really made you
feel boxed in by the school system and your family. Do you feel free now?
– Yeah, I do feel free. Do you remember that moment when…
– I’ve always felt free. Regardless of how people tried to box me in.
That’s what got me here, being able to break through that. And when it comes to your art?
– You can tell by the music I’m not trying to follow anybody. I’m inspired by people, but I’m in my own world.
If I wanted to make radio hits, I could do that. But I don’t want to be boxed into a category. The album cover, I was really fascinated by it.
Can you explain it to me? It’s a piece that describes the time that we’re in.
Artificial intelligence and humanity joining forces. In years to come, you look back at it
and you understand what was going on in that time. Because you are very wary of technology, right?
You don’t like it that much. I appreciate it. I didn’t have a phone for ten or eleven
months last year. I just got one in October. I just had to give myself a break from it,
just to know that I’m not being consumed by it. Why did you decide to get back on track?
– Because I was getting into dropping the album. My managers were having a hard time. Then the album title, Modus Vivendi.
– It’s Vivèndi. – Thank you. It’s way of life. What is your way of life? I don’t think I have a way of life.
I just go with the flow. That could be a way of life.
– Yeah, I guess that’s my way of life. Just going with the motions. Receiving
whatever is being brought to me, one by one.

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