0.0: Introduction – Processing Tutorial

Hello! Aaaawk, so awkward because it’s very hard to begin these things but we’re just gonna go right in and we’re going to begin Hello my name is Dan. Perhaps you watched a video that I’ve been in before or perhaps you haven’t I don’t know how you got here but you’re here, I’m here, you’re here, we’re here together, there’s a wall here, I can write on it there’s gonna be a computer over there. why are we here? Have you ever wanted to learn programming? have you never even tried to learn programming? have you never written a line of code before in your life? you have no idea what it means to program to write code to create your own software? do you want to break free from the bonds of the tools that other people have made for you? do you want to write your own, to build your own software? make your own things from scratch on the computer? If so … this sounds like a sales pitch but really there’s nothing to sell here, you could just leave at any moment but if so you’re in the right place! this is a video series that is going to teach you how to program your computer. Now how, what kinds of, what programming language you use, what environment you use, what it is you want to make, is a huge giant [Rhwaah] mess of stuff. We’re gonna do things in a simple way, I’m gonna talk a lot more about this something called Processing, I’m just going to talk to you I’m going to draw diagrams, I will demonstrate for you code examples on this computer over here it’s all going to be in video. now you might have some questions like: oh, I get it, I heard about these things kinda like a MOOC, I don’t know how to pronounce it, is this a MOOC? it’s not a MOOC, could be a MOOC, you could make it a MOOC but MOOCs are a little bit scary. this is just some videos to help you learn. I hope you might find, you might do this on your own you might use these in the conference, to supplement a class you’re taking you might be a teacher of some other people and want to use these videos in your course I don’t know but I would like them to be helpful however you think they might be helpful! so the other thing you might ask is this seems a little weird just talking and drawing diagrams. you know I hear about all these new fancy interactive online learning test quizzing and I can … You know that those things are great and I would like to ultimately incorporate some stuff where you could easily look at the code while I’m demonstrating it, trying things out. the Khan Academy is doing some fantastic stuff John Resig and the CS courses, I highly recommend them, they’re doing a lot of similar stuff I’m just kinda doing what I know which is drawing to a whiteboard and using this computing machine to type out examples. they will all be available for you to download there’s even a book that I will hesitate to show you that you could use to follow along I’m also going to do some live online live events where I am gonna take calls and answers questions which is another … I kinda digress here but that’s gonna happen too so that’s really, I made some notes over here and I this is a so far I’ve only been talking for three minutes, this is my intro video but so if you really just want to get into the meat of the stuff you can skip ahead I don’t know, I will link to it, I don’t know the video number yet
cause I haven’t made it yet but there’s a video you can just jump to which is hey let’s start, let’s write our first line of code, let’s see how everything works but I’m going to have a few more videos just kinda talk a little more about who I am, what I imagine you might use this for, what is programming in perhaps a kind of general question, what our programming languages is, what you might use that I’m using, why am I using this one versus that one wooo … everything’s gonna be okay, I think so so I’m just gonna have a few more introductory videos, I’ll show you I hopefully make one where I’ll show you a bunch of your project that are kinda that you might think of as possible outcomes or that relate to the kinds of things were going to be doing in this a video series so there’s a bunch more intro videos that i’m gonna make, they’ll be short five-minute videos that you can watch, but at any point you could just stopped completely and go out, you know chess is a fun game uhm, I don’t know put a basketball is nice, music, learning to play the violin I did that for a while, it was very enjoyable because it’s something else or if or you can jump ahead, argh, this turned off I have a camera turning off problem, or you could jump ahead and kinda get to the point where you think you’re ready to go to okay hopefully it’s going to be fine that’s the end of this video

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