🔴Virtual Machine Tutorial For Beginners (Create a FREE VM)

🔴Virtual Machine Tutorial For Beginners (Create a FREE VM)

hey guys welcome back now they really
are just so many benefits of having a virtual machine (VM) on your computer for
example the ability to test out different operating systems so let’s say
for example you’re running Windows 10 but you want to try out UNIX or you want
to try out Linux Mint or Debian or any of the other operating systems you can
do all of that inside a virtual machine without affecting your main machine also
for example if you have some legacy or older software which is only compatible
with an older version of Windows again you can install that older version of
Windows inside a virtual machine and then continue using that older software
and also the key benefit that a virtual machine does run inside the sandbox so
for example if you did want to test out some software which may be malicious or
if you’re not really confident with a certain web link then you can happily
open it up inside your virtual machine and none of that would really have
impact on your primary machine so as you can see guys so many benefits of having
a virtual machine on your computer so in this video today let me show you the
step-by-step guide on how you can also install Windows 10 or really any
operating system that you like inside a virtual machine on your computer coming
up right after this now for this process to work we need to have just two things
on our computer firstly to have some virtual machine software in my example
I’m going to use Oracle VirtualBox and then secondly you need to have the
actual operating system you want to install now in my example I’m going to
use Windows 10 and I’ll show you exactly how you can download that software image
ok so first up let’s get Oracle VirtualBox so open up your favorite
browser and just type in VirtualBox into the search box and have the link here
which is Oracle VM VirtualBox now in terms of hardware requirements as long
as your main computer is a fairly recent then this should really work without any
problems whatsoever so let’s go to downloads and because my main computer
is a Windows computer I’m gonna click on Windows host which will then begin the
download of VirtualBox for Windows key let’s leave that running and we now want
to download Windows 10 because that’s the operating system we’re going to be
installing on my computer but let’s say for example you want to install Linux
like perhaps Ubuntu how can you type into Google so Ubuntu
I so download click here and this will then give you the ISO image you can use
to install into a virtual machine but for us we’re looking for Windows let us
type in Windows 10 ISO and you wanna click on the first link in the results
and we want to download the Windows 10 installation media let’s click on
download now and it’s actually a tool that will be downloaded okay so you got
the VirtualBox down here and you’ve got the media creation tool so let’s do the
VirtualBox first okay let’s click on next leave all the
default options and click on next again we can evil Addie’s ticked and click on
next you’ll then see this warning that you may get a slight blip in your
network because it’s going to install some virtual network adapters for you we
can click on yes and click on install click on yes and as you then go ahead
and install Oracle VirtualBox on your computer once that’s done we’ll then
need to download the ISO for Windows 10 let’s uncheck this box and click on
finish ok let’s now open up the media creation tool click on yes and this will
allow us to download a Windows 10 ISO image direct from Microsoft but if you
already have the image for Windows 10 or whichever operating system you install
then you can actually miss out this step but for now let’s click on accept so
when you see this screen select the second option which is I want to create
some installation media and what we’re looking for is actually an ISO image we
can use to build out our new virtual machine let’s click on next make sure
you happy with options here but if you want to change something click on this
here and let’s say I wanna go for 32-bit I can select that or for example if I
want to go for a different language pack like for example UK I can select that
but let’s leave this as 64-bit and click on next and here we select the option
for ISO file which means it’s going to download an ISO image directly onto my
computer let’s click on next we can choose a location for the ISO file let’s
do the desktop and click on save and this will now download that Windows 10
ISO image directly onto your desktop so let’s give that a minute I can here is
the Windows 10 ISO that’s just been downloaded let’s check the fall size and
we keyed us just under 4 gigs okay let’s now start Oracle VirtualBox ok let’s now
create our first virtual machine so let’s click on new
let’s give this a name so I’m going to call this TD no sorry PC dr. UK and I’ll
just write it Swinton because it is running Windows 10 so you can give it a
descriptive name just so you know exactly what the virtual machine is for
example I could say brackets software testing okay then choose a location for
your virtual machine but we’ll leave as default and here we need to specify what
you’re actually installing so in our case it is Microsoft Windows but in fact
it’s Windows 10 64 bit let’s click on next and we now need to specify how much
of RAM we’re going to give to the virtual machine and for windows-based
computers I would say always go for a minimum of 2 gig which is 2 or 4 8
megabytes as 2 gig of virtual Ram let’s click on next and we now need to specify
a location for the virtual hard disk and also a size for the virtual hard disk so
it leave the default name here so the virtual hard disk is gonna be called a
PC d UK Winton testing dot VDI now this is the individual file which is what the
hardness is going to be and the maximum size of this file will be 50 gig now
that’s the great thing about having dynamically allocated space even though
we said this has 50 gig this file size is not going to be 50 gig is going to be
depending on how much stuff we store inside the virtual machine so even
though we said this as 50 gig this is not going to be 50 gig on day one it
just means that the fall size can grow to 50 gig let’s click on crate that’s
all done guys so in fact I said I’ve cooked look at that virtual hard disk
just so I can show you once again couldn’t you see drive going to your
users phone your user account click on VirtualBox VMs and here is the folder
for the new VM and let’s click on that and here is the virtual hard disk so
everything you’d store everything you do inside a virtual machine all of that
will be stored into this single file and right now the file size is just 2 Meg
because we haven’t actually turned this on those clothes are down and the last
thing we want to do before we power this on is attach our ISO our ISO image of
Windows 10 and it’s couple is you can do that but probably the easiest is just
click on this thing here it says optical drive MT and select the option choose a
disk file let’s click on that now we now want to find the Windows 10 ISO image
that we download and mine was just on the desktop has
select that click on open and that basically means when we turn on the
virtual machine that will read the contents of this isuh image which will
then commence the installation of Windows 10 so once you’ve checked
everything looks ok let’s now click on start and here it is guys here is a
virtual machine powered up reading the ISO image and it’s now asking us to
select some options before it begins the installation of Windows 10 so lets us
change these options if you want to do that click on next and let’s click on
install now now all of this is happening inside a virtual machine and none of
this will actually affect anything on my main machine we can click on I don’t
have a product key for now let’s select this option here let’s choose a version
of Windows let’s just go for pro let’s go for next let’s accept the license
agreement click on next and we don’t need to an upgrade again to a clean
installation so let’s select the second option here we can see the virtual 50
kick hard disk and let’s click on next and there you have it guys we are now
installing Windows 10 inside a virtual machine so let’s give that a minute then
I’ll talk you through some of the key things we can do with VirtualBox
ok that’s nearly finished this will now probably reboot there we go let’s click
on restore now just speed things up a bit and guys just what we were waiting
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previous videos a couple of you are asking you know what’s the easiest way
to install a virtual machine on our computer so so because of those comments
I created this video so again if there’s any particular videos you do want to see
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can now start the configuration process for Windows 10 a quick tip here guys is
marks off really are pushing people to login with Microsoft accounts into
Windows 10 instead of using local accounts and
there we have made the process a bit tricky where if you don’t know what
you’re doing illumise feel like you have to use an online account to log in and
the way we get around that is we need to basically disable our virtual network
card because Windows 10 will see that this person does not have an internet
connection and if you don’t have an internet connection there
and you’re not going to be able to login using an online account and you’ll then
see the prompt to login using a local account now if this was a physical
Windows 10 machine then we need to do is disabled either the Wi-Fi or if you’re
using an Ethernet cable you can best just unplug the cable so you now have no
internet access but on a virtual machine if you go down here we can see the one
here which has two small computers is your virtual network card if I
right-click on that okay let’s click on yes choose the
correct keyboard click on yes skip this here and here is the key thing hey guys
it’s now saying that you don’t have an internet connection and it’s ascii to
connect so all you want to do here is just say i don’t have internet and this
should then give us the option to create a local account and again because he’s
trying to convince you to use an online account because you get all these extra
benefits here but i want to say continue with limited setup and i should then be
able to create a local account so let’s give this a name so this is pc d UK
doubler one test account let’s click on next
let’s give it a password and let’s do something really secure security
questions so first pet name was alpha not really okay so here are some of the
privacy options so I’m gonna click on no no digital assistant needed and
basically say no for these options so accept no accept no basic accept no
accept you get the idea guys that’s it guys we’ve now actually fully configured
our Windows 10 machine we can now test software in here we can now download
things in here and also just do the things that you may know what to do on
your main machine but for example I know certain people only download torrents
inside a virtual machine just so if they are downloading something and maybe
there may be something malicious or problematic because inside a virtual
machine they know it’s not going to affect their main machine now to fix the
display and also improve the performance if you go over to devices and select
insert guest additions CD image and this is basically a bunch of drivers for your
virtual machine which will greatly improve the performance let’s click on
that now and click on run VirtualBox additions let’s click on yes and let’s just go
through the next next make sure everything is ticked click on install
and actually then fix the display let’s click on install let’s restart the
virtual machine just so this new drivers can take effect and let’s see what
happens to the display let’s go right click on the desktop select display
settings and we can now change this resolution and go for something a little
bit higher okay so we install the drivers we fix the resolution
let’s now lastly reconnect our network adapter or a virtual network adapter
let’s go to devices go to network and select the option connect network
adapter ok let’s now connect it and let’s go back here go to network
settings let’s change that back to NAT and click on OK ok once that’s done
let’s now see we can access the Internet and there we are guys we now have full
internet access on a virtual machine we can now browse content we can download
things and anything we do inside a virtual machine won’t affect our main
machine so really guys it’s as easy as that
all guys many thanks for watching this video and I really appreciate you
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hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks

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